THE LIFE OF SAINT MARTIN - Call for Proposal

On the occasion of Saint Martin’s 1700th birthday the Váci Mihály Primary School call for an international fine ‐and craft arts rating Proposal among the pupils of the Primary schools.

The title is: THE LIFE OF SAINT MARTIN The creations can be made with any technique and in any size. Please write the artist’s name, age and the name of the sending institution and e‐mail address on the back of the course‐work.

The submission’s deadline is on the 1st of May 2016.

This event is the part of the official programs of the Savaria Turizmus Nonprofit Ltd.’s Szent Márton Program‐office.

Sponsors of the exhibition: Diocese of Szombathely and the City council of Szombathely. The patrons of this event are: Dr. Veres András diocesan, and Dr. Puskás Tivadar mayor.

The members of the jury are the art teachers of the National Association of Hungarian art teachers.

The works are welcome on our school address: Szombathelyi Váci Mihály Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola, Hungary Szombathely, Váci Mihály street 11. 9700

Opening ceremony and awards: 13th of May 2016 14:00

We arrange an exhibition from the best creations selected by the jury, which can be viewed until 31st of May at the Váci Mihály Primary School

The awards were notified by e‐mail.

Enjoy the Art

Vörös Lívia tagozatvezető

Szent Márton Programiroda

Váci Mihály Általános Iskola - Szombathely

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